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The Changing Paradigm in Learning

Written By Shalini Merugu

While your training session is going on, one of your employees is busy sending tweets on some issue she needs solutions for. Another employee is switching tabs from your online course to his Facebook page where he is actively following a discussion on a real-life, work-related problem. With employees being increasingly expected to hit the ground running, they have to come up with interim solutions to their learning needs, even as they wait for suitable formal training solutions.

The Changing Paradigm in Learning

By the time formal training rolls around, the chances are they have already established some action plan to get up to speed. How does the training department even keep pace with this demand for an accelerated path to learning? What paradigm shift do we have to make in order to tie together the various learning solutions available through resources such as formal training programs, discussion groups, wikis and blogs to bring it all together for learners into a responsive, evolving learning environment? Thoughts anyone?

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