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Change Management – The Key to a Successful SAP Implementation [Slideshare]

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Change Management – The Key to a Successful SAP Implementation [Slideshare]

Are you planning to go in for SAP to improve your business efficiency? What does it take to ensure that the implementation of the ERP application is a grand success? How can you make the best use SAP? Well, one of the important aspects you need to focus on is change management.

Implementation of SAP entails various changes to the business processes and the roles and responsibilities of staff members. This may make them wary of the implementation. People fear that they may lose their jobs and have apprehensions that the software is too difficult to use.

Here is a presentation that helps you address the concerns of your people effectively and ensure that they take an active part in the SAP implementation. The presentation:

  • Lists the change management initiatives that need to be taken by strategic decision makers and functional heads
  • Explains how you can communicate effectively with your people to allay their apprehensions
  • Provides a good understanding of the aspects you need to consider to develop an effective SAP training program

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