Challenges of an E-learning project: How can the client help?

Challenges of an E-learning project: How can the client help?

Challenges of an E-learning project: How can the client help?

Project teams (internal and/or external) working in e-learning project face many challenges in their day-to-day working. They need the project owner’s help to overcome those challenges.

In this blog, I would like to share some of the challenges faced by the external project team and how being an owner or sponsor of the project, you can help them in the smooth running of the project within stipulated time, cost, and quality.

Challenge #1: No Access to SMEs:

I have noticed in some projects that the owner or the senior management is unwilling or sometimes unable to provide the right person to the vendor to clarify their queries or doubts. If your vendor has any queries, they may forward them to you. But if you are not the Subject Matter Expert (SME), then you need to forward it to the right person. If more people are involved in the process, it results in chaos, cost overrun, and delay.

Your contribution to overcome the challenge:

The very first step to resolve this challenge is help your vendor by providing the right person to contact to get answers to their queries. It reduces time consumption and helps the vendor to get the right answer they are looking for. In return, you will get the desired qualitative output for your learners within time and cost.

Challenge #2: Too Many Stakeholders:

Many men, many minds. Too many stakeholders’ involvement takes the project out of track. Everyone wants to show their influence in the project and finally, there is no one final decision. For example, the feedback from two different stakeholders on the same slide is different and leaves the team in confusion as to whose feedback to follow. Finally, its takes time to communicate with both of them, finalize and implement. The confusion does not end here; at the end, who will approve the project? This question remains without an answer!

Your contribution to overcome the challenge:

There are two solutions that I would like to suggest in this case. The first solution is very simple; make only one person responsible for the project; all the feedback should be communicated through that one person and he or she should be the final approver of the project.

The second solution is when there are more stakeholders and when they send feedback to the vendor let them all discuss the issue and with total agreement between them come out with one final solution for the team to follow. Always send a consolidated report or feedback to the vendor rather sending each one separately.

Challenge #3: Working on provisionary inputs:

Many times the client gives the vendor a provisional input to work on. Working on such inputs is waste of time and effort for both the parties. I have noticed major differences between the provisionary inputs and the final inputs in many projects. It takes more time updating the course based on the final input, sometimes even a complete rework.

Your contribution to overcome the Challenge:

Finalize the inputs before sending to the vendor. Discuss with your internal team members and get it approved prior to sending to vendors. It reduces your effort in finalizing the course.

Challenge #4: Impossible Deadlines:

This is a challenge for the vendor; a very tight deadline has an adverse effect on the quality of the output. Expecting impossible results decreases the morale and productivity of the team.

Your contribution to overcome the Challenge:

Give sufficient time to the vendor to work with the project. Ask them a plan which is also suitable for you. When the vendor makes a plan it is obvious that they’ll make is considering sufficient time in hand for development.


Just awarding an e-learning project to an external vendor does not complete your task. Your support is the key for the success of the project. In a project there are various steps where the project team need your help and support. Your timely support and communication makes the differences between successful project and failure projects.

Hope you find this informative and will spend some of your valuable time to think of it before awarding your next project.

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