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How to Calculate the Return on Investment of E-learning

Written By Vandana Kaveti

Calculating the return on investment is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of any training method adopted. Obviously, organizations cannot afford to spend money on training programs that do not result in the expected outcomes. E-learning programs are no exception. However, many assume that eLearning is expensive with long development time. They also feel that it is rather impersonal with lower or no ROI when compared to the traditional classroom training programs.

Are they justified in their thinking? To find out the answer to this question and learn how to calculate the cost effectiveness of eLearning courses, download free webinar “ROI & eLearning – Myths and Reality”. Through this webinar, you will be able to estimate costs of developing eLearning programs and understand the factors that help improve ROI.  Also, you will be able to make realistic estimates about calculating the ROI for your eLearning initiatives.


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