Building a Burning Desire Helps Achieve Our Goal!

Building a Burning Desire Helps Achieve Our Goal!

Burning Desire

In my readings about the secrets of success, more often than not, I come across a message that reads: “Losers are not those who fail but those who do not bounce back after a failure.” Failures are bound to come by in our day-to-day endeavors. What, in fact, propels us forward, in spite of repeated failures, is the ‘desire’ to succeed. If we fail to ignite this small fire in our hearts, then our spirit to succeed wanes faster with each failure that comes our way.

With failures, you tend to breed negativism. Negative feelings yield adverse results. The longer you think negatively, the deeper you get addicted to it. And it tends to get worse if you happen to fail frequently. A cloud of gloom cripples your imagination and you see no way out. Eventually, you will give up. Right? So, how does one keep oneself moving ahead regardless of the number of failures one has experienced? I think, by letting the desire to succeed blossom in your heart. Then, how does one do that? Follow the path suggested below.

Ask Yourself Why You Want to Succeed: This is a crucial step. It gives you the sense of purpose in life and in what you want to achieve. It also acts as the motivational force that intensifies the desire to reach the set goal(s). Behind every goal, there must be a strong intention. If the intention is weak, the will power to achieve this will also be weak. You will not persist in your endeavor but quit in no time. So, keep the purpose of your goal(s) strong by repeating it to yourself time and time again. It can be fame, money, position, security or stability in life. Whatever it may be, keep it afresh in your mind.

Visualize Success: Visualizing success can give a boost to your desire. Visualize how it feels like being a successful person. Think of the life after you reach all your goals. This can be a driving force which gives you much needed fillip to surmount the obstacles that come your way.

As it is often said, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” So, let that will be strong – too strong to be eroded by any amount of adversity and success will be at your doorstep.

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  • Michael J. Spangle

    As I read this article two names from the Old Testament come to mind, Joseph and Daniel. Both of these men achieved great success in spite of great obstacles. These two men had a number of things in common. They both experienced great favor while young and they both were taken away from those favored positions against their wills. They both experienced injustice, envy, and deprivation. They were also faced with the choice to compromise their integrity in return for a restoration of the favor that they had enjoyed before. They each refused to do so, at considerable risk to their lives. Each saw themselves as accountable to a transcendent and immanent God. This gave them purpose and a vision of something greater than themselves. for them success was not the acquisition of material possessions or of power, but of the approval of God. Because of this others were drawn to honor and respect them.

  • Negativity… it is evil. It is like a cancer that has the ability to spread not only from peron-to-person, but within one’s own being. It can lead you down a path that is very dark and unstable. We all have to believe in ourselves and surround ourselves with like-minded people. Lots of people are losing their way these days for a variety fo reasons. Maintaining focus on goals is a lot tougher to do during these times, but those who do and do the work will eventually appreciate all they achieve.

  • Lee


    Negativity isn’t all bad. In fact, I dare say you don’t learn anything through success! You learn through the pain of failure. In addition, it’s not until you get negative about something that you ever take action against it. It’s not until you get fed up that you want to change it.

    I agree that it’s not whether you fall down, it whether you get back up after you fall down that counts. And I also agree that a positive attitude will help you see opportunity when other people only see defeat.

    However, there is a place for negativity. It has it’s value. That value is to get you out of a rut when you find yourself in one, because complacency isn’t about falling down. Complacency is about dealing with a bad situation until it gets painful enough to leave or do something about it.

  • Jacqueline M. Walters

    Burning desires help me achieve my goals. A positive attitude helps me keep my momentum moving upwards, reenforcing my inner direction. Continueous self-improvement programs helps me prepare to cope with the challenges that life tosses my way. It nothing like being equipped for the unknown/unknown.

  • Something which really works 🙂