Tips for Building Strong & Lasting Customer Relationships

Tips for Building Strong & Lasting Customer Relationships

Tips for Building Strong & Lasting Customer Relationships

Customers are the lifeline of a company as its very survival depends on them. Most times, it’s easier and less expensive to retain a current customer than to find a new one, but even this takes a lot of effort. Even though you may plan your strategies keeping your customers’ needs in mind, do you know what really works in winning them over for a long-term engagement?

Another common challenge we face is that customers are becoming increasingly demanding these days given that they have so many ‘me-too’ alternatives in each product category. In this scenario, how do you keep them coming back to you? Let’s look at some tips for building strong customer relationships.

  • Concentrate on providing quality products: The key to maintaining a good relationship with your customer is providing a quality product. A quality product is the first thing the customer wants. Your customer will not come back for your product because you were nice to him the last time you spoke, but because your product was of excellent quality. The quality you provide builds trust, which is very essential for any relationship.
  • Follow up regularly: Regular follow-up can really build a strong relationship between you and your customers. Your relationship with your customers should not end the moment they leave your business. Call them after a few days and ask if they have any problem or whether they are really happy with your product or not. This makes them feel that they are important to you and they will more inclined to continue being your customer.
  • Customer support should be a priority: After product quality, the next important aspect for a customer is post-sales support and service. You should provide excellent customer support services that will bring your customer back to buy from you repeatedly. Your communication with your customers should be effective. This is one deciding factor which decides whether the customer will do business with you again or not.
  • Get customer feedback regularly: Find different ways of communicating with customers and keeping in touch with them to get regular feedback. This will help you understand what customers are thinking and how their tastes and preferences are changing. It will also help you to know what you can do to maintain loyalty among customers.
  • Own up to your fault: If something goes wrong as a result of a mistake from your side, apologize and accept your mistake. Sometimes, the customer will be wrong but still want to win-handle such situations carefully. Make it simple for customers to log their complaints and value their complaints. Solve them as quickly as possible. This gives you an opportunity to improve your relations with them.
  • Reward your customers’ loyalty: Provide some special incentives and rewards for repeat customers such as discounts, extended warranties, free support etc. This special attention impacts customers’ ongoing buying decisions. You will be amazed to see how much your customer relationships can be strengthened by simply giving them special importance.
  • Maintain the brand image: Customers always look forward to purchasing branded products. Your brand image represents your success in the industry. Adopt strategies to build a strong brand image and create awareness among your customers. It also helps customers feel confident of their choice of buying your products or services.
  • Keep your employees satisfied: Your employees are the mediators between you and your customers. If your employees are happy with you, they will make your customers happy. Your employees are your internal customers. Respect them and appreciate them for their good work and motivation on the job. It pays off in better customer relationships.

I hope the tips shared here were useful to you. In today’s competitive landscape, only customers’ loyalty can help you survive competition in the market. For this, you need to make sure that your customer is satisfied and happy with you and your product – which is what building and maintaining strong customer relationships is all about.

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  • Rob FitzGerald

    There are many ways to engage, cultivate and grow customer relationships. At the core of that process is to be sure that you make everything about them and not you. Be their voice for getting things done. Be an enabler to getting their problems solved. Be honest. Always be proactive and try to see what’s around that corner so you can help them get from point A to point B as effectively as possible. Staying true to these principles has really helped me grow some great partnerships, and make some new friends as well.

  • Send a note, make a phone call, send an e-mail or poll—ask them how they liked the product or service. Send a thank you simply for being a customer. See them with value.

    Great day to you,