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Tips to Build and Integrate eLearning Scenarios – Free Presentation

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Tips to Build & Integrate eLearning Scenarios

Who doesn’t love to hear stories? It is not just children but even grownups are drawn to any subject matter when it is weaved into an anecdote. Stories strike an instant appeal and immediately engage the learner to the content. No wonder that anecdotes from the sub-continent found its way to the middle-east and to Europe even a few centuries ago.

Such is the appeal of stories, anecdotes and case studies that they are used extensively in corporate training. Now, when online training methods are used, authoring tools are being built in such a way that scenarios can be created without much hassle and programming knowledge. One such tool is Articulate Storyline.

Download this presentation that deals with two aspects-Scenario-based learning and its creation using Articulate Storyline. The presentation is titled, “Tips to Build ELearning Scenarios & Integrating into Articulate Storyline.”

View Presentation on Tips to Build eLearning Scenarios Using Articulate Storyline


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