How can Training help in Building a Strong Organizational Culture

How can Training help in Building a Strong Organizational Culture

A strong, focused corporate culture helps organizations to achieve sustainable growth and is the key contributor to its long term success. A corporate culture of an organization is built on strong set of values and beliefs and is shared by employees working within an organization. It is intangible in nature and Employees describe their culture as “their organization’s way” – such as the “Apple” Way.

Building a strong organizational culture is important for every organization. But the real challenge – knows how to proactively build it.

Some of the ways to build a strong organizational culture are illustrated as follows:

1) The first step to build a strong corporate culture is to define the culture and show your employees how your corporate culture is different from others. Training managers have a vital role to play here. They could used the induction training to educate the employees about the organizations values and expectations from the employees in terms of their behavior. They should articulate the company’s mission and vision to their employees, so as to ensure employees understand it well and are consistent in abiding by the rules and norms of the organization.

2) Once you make sure, employees at all levels understand the culture of the organization, you can get employees on board, by showing them how their work helps in attaining the overall objective of the organization. You will thus help them to align themselves with the values that the organization stands for.

3) In organizations that do not have regular induction training program, you can have seasoned employees train new employees about the do’s and don’ts of the organization. They need to be sensitized about what is considered inappropriate and what are the practices that are well-received by the organization.

4) Employees working in a group or participating in different activities as a group get an opportunity to know each other well. Organizations should have occasions where they can celebrate small victories or accomplishments. This helps in building a working environment that is conducive to productivity.

5) Last but not the least, in order to build a strong organizational culture, it is important for leaders to get their employees engaged by involving them in decision making process; especially when the decision will affect them in a major way. Seeking their concurrence and involvement will ensure that they become partners in building a strong organization.

Organizational culture is something that is evolved but managers in consultation with senior management can make sure that they define the culture that they wish to adopt within the organization and have the employees sensitized to it through formal and informal training methods.

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