3-Minute Nuggets to Boost Company Sales

3-Minute Nuggets to Boost Company Sales

Recently, I read a news item about a project funded by the BBC’s World Service desk called BBC Janala. This project was selected as a winner of the WISE Awards for 2011. The aim of the project is to improve English language skills of millions of individuals in Bangladesh. It provides 3-minute audio lessons on a daily basis to individuals who wish to improve their English and it costs just 50 paise (equivalent to 0.004 pence) per minute. All that the mobile phone users in Bangladesh need to do is to dial 3000 and access the IVR service through their phones. By this means, the project reached a significant number of audiences with over 15 million calls and 250,000 audio lessons downloaded.

What if such an approach is applied to motivate sales and marketing team members in an organization?

There is usually a wealth of literature and information that gets lost in one’s Inbox or in the flyers and brochures that sales people carry. When new product literature comes, the old one is buried deep somewhere and lost in the clutter. Information about an old product that has good potential could be overlooked due to a newer product that has been launched. Valuable and important information may be forgotten if not reinforced. As they say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Reinforcement training in a form of three-minute learning modules can be created for the benefit of sales people.

Here are some topics on which organizations can create short mLearning videos/ courses under three minutes and deploy them to their sales and marketing team members:

  • Information about a product whose sales are dropping.
  • Things that a salesperson should have in the sales kit.
  • How to handle typical customer queries?
  • Sales success stories – How a particular story helped solved a customer’s problem.
  • Market intelligence or industry updates.

The list could be endless and the idea can be applied in many ways. What is important is that the sales and marketing personnel get reinforcement training with this link sent to them every morning on their mobile phones. This platform, if used creatively, can become a powerful medium to boost their company’s sales. Don’t you agree? If your organization is already adopting such measures, do share your experiences here.