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Blended Learning for Better Induction Training [Infographic]

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Blended Learning for Better Induction Training [Infographic]

It is common knowledge that well-designed induction training programs go a long way in enabling new employees to perform efficiently. They provide all the needed information about the company and its policies. Good induction training programs help new personnel “get into the groove” quickly and effectively, by making the staff members feel at home.

But, how can you impart induction training of high efficacy? What does it take to get the best out of your new employees? Well, you need to blend various learning methodologies, such as face to face classroom training and e-learning, to deliver effective training. Let us see how.

Blended Learning for Better Induction Training [Infographic]

Hope you find this post interesting. How do you provide induction training? We’d love to know.

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