Blended Learning To Improve Hiring Skills

Blended Learning To Improve Hiring Skills

Organizations expect their employees to be competent enough to do their job efficiently and flexible to adapt to the changes brought by dynamic situations and circumstances. Thus, organizations look for competent and flexible candidates.

Les Mckeown in his article “How to Hire Great People – Every Time” focuses on hiring saying that hiring process is the most important strategic planning every company needs. To carry out the process, the hiring manager should have different hiring skills.

Hiring skills are those skills or capabilities required while selecting a candidate to the desired job. Edwin. B. Flippo talks about the hiring skills in his book Personal Management. According to Flippo, hiring skills are classified as sourcing skills, planning skills, interviewing skills, effective closing and evaluation skills. He divided them as hard and soft skills. How can these skills be gained? Is it through classroom training or through eLearning? Or through blended learning? This presentation talks about the hiring skills in detail and how these skills can be achieved. To learn more about it, checkout the presentation.

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