Instructor-led Training and Online Training: A Perfect Blend for Sales Training!

Instructor-led Training and Online Training: A Perfect Blend for Sales Training!

Instructor-led Training and Online Training: A Perfect Blend for Sales Training!

What was the last thing on your mind before you slipped into sleep last night? Product Sales training? Are you in a dilemma whether to hire a sales skills trainer or to go for an eLearning course? Don’t let it haunt you like a nightmare. Take charge! A blend of Instructor Led Training (ILT) and online training can be ideal to provide product sales training and product training to your workforce. How? Read on.

ILT rocks for product sales training

Though classroom training is the oldest form of learning, its survival even in the digital era is a testimony of its effectiveness.This is one place a sales rep can learn the nuances of sales skills.

  • ILT permits your reps’ participate in role-plays, which are a great source of learning. Role-plays help them enact a situation, identical to their real world sales scenario. A peer acting as a customer poses a query similar to a customer’s query on the field, for which the sales rep needs to give a satisfactory response. He should succeed in convincing the customer so that the customer agrees to buy his product. So, role-plays enhance convincing and selling skills by providing hands-on experiences. Though ILT is the best for product sales training, it can still be supplemented with online learning. Scenario-based learning can give your sales reps a similar experience as a role-plays as scenarios also give them a chance to take decisions and experience consequences in a safe environment.
  • ILT gives sales reps an opportunity to interact with their peers. This provides add-on learning as they learn from the instructor as well as their peers. Moreover, it allows them to ask queries, get them clarified, receive immediate feedback about their performance and know their shortcomings. This helps them analyze their weak points and work to overcome the skill gaps.

Online training can do wonders in imparting product training

As the markets have gone global, products have multiplied. The product range, whether of pharmaceutical, hardware, automobile, or software industries, has seen a vast change in numbers. Today’s tech savvy customers expect sales reps to have everything at their finger tips. This further raises the bar by keeping the sales reps on their toes constantly.

  • As the reps need to remember multiple product details, online training can help them polish their product knowledge. Mobile learning modules designed for product training can help brush up their existing product knowledge. Mobiles come handy to sales reps, as they offer fast access to information whenever and wherever needed. According to a report published by Towards Maturity, in 2014, 43% of employees believed that accessing learning from mobile devices was very useful.
  • Knowledge of product functions can be enhanced through video-based learning. Short and precise mobile Microlearning videos can be created for reps to help them know the product usage. Unless they know how the product works, they won’t know how the product benefits the customer.
  • With every product launch, the product catalog that sales reps need to memorize swells. Hence Microlearning modules that are easy and fast to create can quickly update reps on the new products. Unless reinforced, product knowledge won’t stick as the forgetting curve robs sales reps of the gained knowledge. So these bite-sized modules assist in training reinforcement.

Product sales training and product training go hand in hand. Ignoring either of them can lead to grave consequences. No matter how well your sales rep is trained on sales skills, unless he has good product knowledge, a sales breakthrough can’t be expected or vice-versa. So what is holding you back? Go for the blend! ILT and eLearning can be the perfect blend.

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