Bite-Sized Learning – Its Importance in Pharmaceutical Training

Bite-Sized Learning - Its Importance in Pharmaceutical Training.

Bite-Sized Learning - Its Importance in Pharmaceutical Training.

Good training plays a key role in the success of medical representatives, as it helps them promote their companies’ drugs effectively. Many pharmaceutical firms train their sales representatives in classrooms. However, these instructor-led sessions are not very effective in training medical representatives, whose jobs involve extensive travel.

Problems with traditional training programs

Sales representatives who join pharmaceutical companies undergo training in classrooms for a month. Many drug manufacturers try to deliver large volumes of information in one go. When heavy content is presented to medical representatives, they find it hard to ‘absorb’ and retain the content even if it is interesting and important.

When a sales representative overloads his working memory, his interest in the training program is reduced, and this decreases the potential outcomes. Training programs which span for a long time:

  • Distract sales representatives from their actual work
  • Increase cognitive load on the sales representatives
  • Make it difficult to apply the learning to work

Once they complete the training, they start promoting the company’s products in the market. 

How can pharmaceutical sales reps overcome this problem? Well, bite-sized learning is the best solution to the problem as it helps them access information at their fingertips.

Problems with traditional training programs

Bite-sized learning 

Bite sized learning is the best solution to avoid cognitive load on a sales representative as complex and lengthy courses can be broken down into small, digestible units. When learning outcomes are precise, sales reps can retain their knowledge for a long time. They can process information easily and learn what they are actually interested in.

Bite sized learning

For example, a busy medical representative, who wants to meet a physician, can instantly go through the required module on his tablet while travelling. Bite-sized learning enhances the ability of the pharmaceutical sales rep to handle the physician’s queries effectively and convince the doctor to prescribe his company’s drugs.


Advantages of this approach 

  • Bite-sized learning is easier to understand, digest, remember, and recall.
  • Bite-sized modules deliver just-in-time support through mobile apps.
  • They increase the speed of learning as modules are small snippets.
  • Bite-sized modules significantly cut down development costs.
  • Medical reps can access the modules anywhere, anytime using their mobile devices.
  • Medical reps can save lots of time by focusing on a particular task for longer periods without pausing.

Advantages of this approach

Thus, bite-sized learning avoids cognitive load and provides effective JIT support for better business and learning outcomes.

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