3 Reasons Why Elearning May Not Provide The Desired ROI

3 Reasons Why Elearning May Not Provide The Desired ROI

Over the last 12 years we have developed eLearning courses for many organizations. In some organizations the initiative was well received, but in some others, it did not have the desired success envisioned by the management. Based on our research and interactions with clients and end-users, we have identified three main reasons why eLearning could not provide the desired ROI for organizations.

1. Too many courses assigned to the learners: This made it difficult for learners to handle the workload. It was de-motivating for learners to have to use their personal time (after office hours or during weekends), to complete them.

2. Long/ monotonous courses with suboptimal use of media elements: Some courses were too lengthy and failed to capture the attention of learners. Others were monotonous and did not have good balance between various media elements.

3. Mandatory vs. self-assigned: Keeping the courses optional did not help in increasing the rate of successful completion. Not many individuals took the initiative to take up the courses recommended by the learning and development department.


Here are some recommendations to help overcome these hurdles in eLearning acceptance and implementation within your organization:

  • Instead of having a whole lot of courses assigned to learners all at once, it is better to assign courses on a priority basis. Long courses can be divided into smaller modules which can be accessed independently by learners. This would encourage learners to take up courses at their own pace, as they don’t have to block long periods of time.
  • If you are keen on your learners taking up the assigned course, making it mandatory would ensure higher enrollments. Other courses need to be marketed regularly to prospective learners. Sending a one-off email reminder will not have the desired result as it would simply get lost in the inbox.

For better ROI of your eLearning initiatives, it is not enough just to develop engaging content; it also needs to be packaged into smaller learning modules, administered by a dedicated team and actively marketed within the organization.

RK Prasad
CEO, CommLab India