Best Learning and Training Blogs of 2010

Best Learning and Training Blogs of 2010

As we have entered into a new year, here is a quick review of the most appreciated training blogs in the year 2010.These blogs focus on tips to strengthen training and make it more effective.

Storytelling An Effective Training Method!

Stories are an inseparable part of growing up. How many stories have we heard in our childhoods? As children, we all loved to listen to stories that people told us. Even as adults, we love listening to others’ stories, only this time we call it ‘experiences’ or informally, “the grapevine.” It is definitely an experience that most of us have gone through. But, is storytelling an effective training method?

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Bridging the Gap between Learning and Performance!

If the gap between the present capacity and the required capacity to fulfill the target widens, it will cost you and your team dearly. It will drain your team’s energy as your team members will have to expend extra energy to cope with the new requirement. If this continues for long, it can adversely affect your team’s productivity. How to enhance your own and your team’s capacity to meet such tough challenges?

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Use of Avatars In E-Learning!

It’s a human tendency to like someone to take us through at times, whether in one’s personal or professional life, because this makes things easier for us to be guided and to learn new things. This is applicable to us all, children or adults. And, in the case of e-learning, it is an advantage if we have an avatar to make our learning effective. Avatars are the characters that guide learners through a course. How to use an Avatar? What are the parameters that need to be considered while using Avatars in elearning?

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Should Experienced Employees be Trained!

Not all positions in an organization require a fresher. Some positions demand experienced new hires. Many newly hired experienced employees expect to start right away in to their new job as they feel that their experience and knowledge are more than sufficient. This is true to a certain extent, but many companies ask its new hires, fresher or experienced, to undergo induction training. Which approach of training is best suited for them?

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Types of Assessment Questions Used in E-Learning Courses!

Basically, there are two types of assessments, formative assessments that help build learner knowledge and summative assessments that help to assess learning at the end of the topic. What are the other types of assessments that can help to better judge the level of understanding of the learners?

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Change Management Training – Managing Resistance to Change!

The adage, ‘Change is the only constant’ is true since most people resist change. They prefer to live their lives, professional or personal, dictated by a routine. Though change is inevitable, people fear it because of the reasons like, incapability to understand change and its implications, consider changes to be irrelevant and inappropriate, the feeling that this would impinge on their family time, Lack of faith in their ability to learn new skills and feeling of too much happening too soon.

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Enhance Soft Skills!

Soft skills or “people skills” are characteristics that influence an individual’s personal and professional relationships, work performance and career prospects. Technical skills are specific skills, tasks or activities that you need to be proficient in to be eligible for a particular job. But, which is more important, soft skills or technical skills?

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I thank all the people who shared their views and experiences. Your suggestions and feedback are huge encouragement that helped me in covering interesting topics in the field of learning and training. I look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the year ahead.

Wishing all a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful New Year 2011!

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