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Best Educational and Motivational Presentations of 2011

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Best Educational and Motivational Presentations of 2011

CommLab India has been sharing a series of presentations on topics of general interest to professionals in the corporate world. We present here with a compilation of the 10 best presentations that have been posted in 2011 for your benefit. We would be happy to hear your comments and opinions about them.

Skills for Developing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional quotient (EQ) is as important as or perhaps even more important than Intelligence quotient (IQ). Emotional intelligence refers to the way we interact with our colleagues, peers or others with whom we closely associate. This presentation focuses on skills required to increase our EQ.

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Simple Ways to Improve Self-Confidence

Confidence is something that is essential to succeed in your dreams and goals. It is the way you feel about yourself, your abilities and talents. This presentation gives you quick tips on how to improve self-confidence.

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The 80-20 Rule – The Pareto Principle

The pareto principle famously known as the 80-20 rule delves on the inherent disparity between the cause-outcome and effort-result. This presentation shows how to apply the 80-20 rule to identify the most important problems and resolve them successfully.

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Developing Leadership Qualities in Employees

Employees need to possess leadership skills if they wish to grow within their organization. Qualities of good leadership include good vision, confidence, intuition and influence. These qualities need to be nurtured if you wish to develop leadership skills. This presentation focuses on developing leadership qualities in employees.

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Essential Skills and Attitude of a Manager

Manager needs to possess some basic skills that enable him to effectively deal with different people in an organization. These skills are planning, delegation, team management and time management. He also needs to have the right attitude along with these skills. This presentation highlights the skills and attitudes of a successful manager.

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Tips for Building an Effective Team

Team building refers to developing a team by bringing together individuals who work for a common goal. Here is a presentation that tell you how the process of team building.

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Knowledge Transfer at the Workplace

Knowledge transfer is very important in a dynamic organization. Ideas or skills need to be transferred from one person to another all the time. This presentation reviews the processes and modes to transfer knowledge at workplace.

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Role of Humor in Training

Humor is the best de-stressor. It also has an important role in training. It helps establish a bond between the trainer and learners that makes learning enjoyable. This presentation examines the role of humor in training.

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Effective Ways of Giving Constructive Performance Feedback

Performance feedback needs to be constructive. It is a two-way communication process that needs to have a positive outcome. This presentation lists out the effective ways in which feedback can be given constructively to enhance performance.

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Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

No training is complete without proper evaluation of the training initiative. You need to measure its success in meeting the desired training outcomes. This presentation looks at the importance of training evaluation and the methods that need to be followed.

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