Best Practices of Blended Learning

Best Practices of Blended Learning

Best Practices of Blended Learning

What is blended learning? Why do we choose blended learning solutions?

Blended learning is a “mix” of two different training delivery methods. Here, the traditional and online learning formats are combined together to create a comprehensive learning experience. As we know, the two learning media have their own distinctive advantages and disadvantages. Now, we blend ILT with eLearning for the best results.

By integrating ILT with eLearning, you can mix several learning strategies, methods, and media to ensure that your learning objectives are met successfully.

Here, I would like to share a few best practices of blended learning.

  • Do NOT pre-select the delivery format without performing a thorough content analysis and knowing the requirements of your target audience.
  • It is advisable to use eLearning to deliver fundamental concepts and for pre-training preparation/induction. Then, get your learners together into a classroom for advanced concepts, practices and hands-on exercises.
  • ILT programs could be used to train learners on complex concepts, whereas eLearning courses could be used to complement and reinforce the learning.
  • As we know, long courses are very difficult to handle and increase the cognitive load on learners. So, it is better to keep them short and precise. Short courses are easy to handle and digest.
  • Be realistic in your expectations from various groups. For example, you don’t expect your sales engineers to spend several hours taking your eLearning courses before they attend a classroom training session. Make sure you know their choices/ requirements before providing them with the courses.

Now, I would like to conclude that the original ILT was 80% of lectures using PPTs in the classroom and 20% of hands-on training. In a blended solution, 60% of training is conducted online, 20% of hands-on training and remaining 20% for clarifying doubts or dealing with complex concepts with instructors in the classroom. These are some of the best practices of blended learning. Do share your thoughts!

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