Best Inspirational and Motivational blogs of 2010

Best Inspirational and Motivational blogs of 2010

Best Inspirational and Motivational blogs of 2010

We would like to thank each and every individual for inspiring us to write on such interesting topics with their valuable suggestions and comments. Here is a quick review of the most appreciated blogs in the category of motivation and inspiration.

Qualities of A Good Leader!

Not everyone in life can easily imbibe all the good qualities to be an effective leader. The qualities that can make a person stand out in the crowd are believe in his or her ability, must be a good communicator, a man of character i.e. trustworthy and honest, a positive attitude and encourages others to be positive even in a crisis and committed to meeting his or her project deadlines and completing tasks on hand.

Improve Self-Confidence!

Self-confidence is a belief or feeling in your own abilities and talents. The way you feel or believe in yourself will impact your reactions i.e. make you either confident or not confident. What are the simple tips to build self-confidence easily?

Ethics in the Workplace!

Work ethics is like invisible employee behavior, noticeable by its absence. Some common workplace ethics include punctuality, responsibility, teamwork, and attitude. Employees, who have strong ethics in personal and professional life, need no explanation, unlike those employees for whom work ethics is a growing problem. How do you train them to be ethical to one and all, whether in the professional realm or personal?

Stress Management Skills And Strategies!

Some people manage and cope with stress in a healthy manner, while some try to curb stress in an unproductive manner such as smoking, drinking, over or under-eating, withdrawing from family and friends, taking pills and drugs to relax, procrastinating, etc. However, there are healthy stress management techniques which one can easily resort to, such as modify the situation, familiarize yourself with the stressor, accept the reality, relax and have fun and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Developing Creative Thinking!

Developing creative thinking among your employees helps you achieve innovative solutions, better processes, and higher productivity. You can get better products and offer better services to make your customers a delighted lot. All you need to do is give your employees the tools and proper leadership to guide them to enjoying out–of-the-box thinking. What are the simple ways that can inspire employees to think creatively?

Positive Reinforcement To Improve An Individual’s Behavior!

Positive reinforcement is the process whereby desirable behavior is encouraged by presenting a reward at the time of occurrence of such behavior. Positive reinforcement is a tried and tested method in what is known in psychology as ‘operant’ conditioning. It is widely studied and used in behavior analysis. Do you agree that positive reinforcement can affect an individual’s behavior?

Importance of Employee Recognition!

Employees do expect recognition for the contributions they make. This is one phenomenon where many organizations err. They may either go overboard or do little in rewarding performing employees. Both ways, they do not reach their objective in rewarding the right performance at the right time, place and measure. In this scenario, how can an employer show his employees appreciation for their efforts?

Qualities of High Performance Organizations!

Every organization wants and cherishes the idea of being a high performance one. It likes to beat the competition. Will that happen overnight or accidentally? Definitively, NOT! So, what should the organization or its leadership do to achieve such a status? How can one distinguish a high performing organization from the others?

Delegating Work To Others!

Delegating is an essential skill for entrepreneurs and managers. It involves a shift in working with an individual to establish goals, giving them substantial rights and accountability to make decisions and achieve goals. If an entrepreneur wants to create a successful business, he / she must know how much authority should be delegated. What are the dos and don’ts that are to be followed for the successful delegation of work to others?

Wishing all a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful New Year!

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