Best Learning Devices that Engage Learners in E-learning

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Best Learning Devices that Engage Learners in eLearning

As eLearning designers, we try to make the content meaningful and learner-friendly. In this process, we sometimes forget to add some elements that help engage learners. What are these elements, and how can you involve the learner intellectually, emotionally and physically? In this post, we will find out answers to these questions.

Learning devices are the tools that engage learners. Scenarios, reflective questions, activities and job aids are some of the learning devices.

Scenarios: Scenarios are effective tools to make elearning courses engaging and interesting.They add realism to the courses by explaining the key concepts. They help learners think out-of-the-box when work-related situations are discussed, thereby helping them absorb the content in an easy manner. Scenarios can be used in HR training, sales training, software training, and safety training courses.


Reflective questions: Reflective questions are thought-provoking. They provoke thinking when examining an issue which is related to a past experience and help gain a new knowledge or skill. It enables learners to build on their prior knowledge. They help learners focus and participate in individual development, develop self awareness and analytical skills.

Reflective questions

Activities: E-learning Courses need to be interspersed with activities as they promote active learning and strengthen the critical-thinking and problem-solving ability of learners. Creative activities enable learners to build on their decision-making skills that are relevant to their jobs. Make sure the activities are aligned with learning objectives.


Job aids: Job aids act as a source of information and support individuals in their day-to-day activities at work.They assist in on-the-job transfer of learning through a just-enough snapshot of key learning. They help learners retain information and recall it at the right time, which can be applied in the right manner when required.

Job aids

To conclude, these are some of the important learning devices that can be used in elearning courses to help learners involve intellectually, emotionally and physically. Hope you find them useful.

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