5 Best E-learning Infographics of 2014

It is very tough for our brains to find relevant information in a short time, when there is a large amount of text. Today, this is no more a problem as most of them have turned to visual content and designing info-graphics using images and visuals to communicate complex concepts quickly and easily. Initially, it takes a bit of effort to gather inputs and design an info-graphic, but it doesn’t take lot of time and effort to read an info-graphic to understand and remember tidbits of information.

The perfect info-graphics are clear cut, easy to understand and convey important information without losing its meaning. They have different colors that give good look and feel. In this blog, I would like to share with you some of the best info-graphics of last year, done by different organizations. So what are you waiting for? Scroll all the way down to check them out.

1. Top 10 eLearning Trends For 2015 Infographic

This infographic is very well designed, illustrating 10 eLearning trends to follow, in 2015. This gives you information related to the rising demands and trends of society and methodologies that help us better understand and meet learner needs to achieve high level qualifications. It also helps us manage the expectations of the learner when the organization transitions from classroom training to eLearning, which is clearly the way of the future.

2. Designing eLearning for Readability Infographic

As an eLearning professional, your responsibility is not just to deliver eLearning content to learners – it’s to make sure that it’s engaging and readable. The Designing eLearning for Readability Infographic presents 5 strategies you can employ in order to deliver content that learners are actually going to read. This infographic gives you 5 strategies for delivering readable E-learning Content.

3. eLearning Materials Creation Process Infographic

Preparing and developing eLearning materials is a costly and time consuming enterprise. You require some knowledge on basic design principles and creativity to create effective eLearning materials. This info-graphic teaches you the simple guidelines and step-by-step process to be followed to develop an eLearning course material.

4. History of Distance Learning Infographic

As technology has evolved, so has distance learning. It began with mailing books and syllabi to students, then radio lectures, then TV courses and now online courses. This info-graphic gives you quick information on the history of distance learning.

5. Massive Open Online Courses Infographic

Massive Open Online Course is the term used to describe the web technologies that have enabled educators to create virtual classrooms of thousands of students. Typical MOOCs involve a series of 10-20 minute lectures with built-in quizzes, weekly auto-graded assignments and TA/professor moderated discussion forums. Notable companies include Coursera, edX, and Udacity. This Massive Open Online Courses Infographic explains you why MOOCs are so popular, how companies and universities serve MOOCs to the masses and what people are saying about MOOCs.

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