Top Blog on the Best Practices in Instructional Design

Top 5 Blogs on the Best Practices in Instructional Design

The most significant part of any eLearning course development process is the design phase. Instructional designers should follow certain instructional design strategies to present the content effectively and engage the learner in an online learning environment.

Here, I would like to share with you some interesting blogs on instructional design practices that can help you to create an effective and enagaging eLearning course.

Here are the top five blogs on the best practices in “Instructional Design”.

Four Fabulous Phases for Designing an Effective E-learning Course

This is a beautiful blog which talks about M. David Merrill’s Principles of Instruction and how it helps to solve concerns regarding designing and development. In addition, it gives examples about the four phases – activation, demonstration, application, and integration and how an instructional designer can create an effective eLearning course using these principles.

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In conclusion, I would personally recommend the above blogs to anyone who is excited about creating an effective eLearning course.

Please do share your thoughts once you go through these blogs!

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