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Best eLearning and Training blogs of 2011

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Best eLearning and Training blogs of 2011

It is that time of the year when we look back and review the milestones and achievements of the entire year. We have done a quick review of the blogs that we posted in 2011 and based on the responses received we have compiled a list of the popular ones. We hope that you find it useful having them compiled at one place.

eLearning Over Traditional Classroom Instruction

Our world has become computerized and technologically advanced, so it only stands to reason that education methods follow suit. There isn’t necessarily a need to see someone stand in front of a class to deliver the information when the same can be done much more economically and efficiently via e-learning. How else eLearning is beneficial when compared to traditional classroom instruction?

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A Checklist for Instructional Design

Having a checklist helps ID to ensure the learning objectives and goals of the eLearning program are aligned while designing an eLearning courseware. What are the parameters that need to be followed and implemented by instructional designers to develop an effective eLearning courseware?

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7 Factors Affecting Employee Adoption of eLearning

There could be a lot of resistance from the employees when eLearning is first introduced in an organization. What are the top-most reasons for employee resistance to eLearning and how can they be addressed?

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Tapping a SME’s Tacit Knowledge

SME’s are a wealth of information and can provide valuable inputs for creating a comprehensive learning solution. How can you tap into the SME knowledge when working with him/ her for inputs for your training solution?

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Getting Away From Bulleted Lists – Part 2

What do you do when you have an eLearning course that contains a bunch of facts: numbers, trends, statistics, rates, and so on? How do you make your graphs, maps, charts, and tables visually engaging? More importantly, how do you help your learners remember some of this information?

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Qualities Essential for an Effective Sales Person

Selling is not an easy job and it involves a lot of skills. You need to have a good knowledge about the domain, the products and the profile of the prospects. What are the other qualities that are essential for an effective sales person?

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Importance of an Employee Handbook

An employee handbook or employee manual is a booklet given to employees by the employer and it contains information on an organization’s policies and procedures. How important is the employee handbook?

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Ideas To Build Self-Directed Work Teams

Self-directed teams comprise groups of employees who handle their day-to-day work with minimal direct supervision. How can you build self-directed teams in your organization?

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The Best Way To Give An Employee A Performance Review

Performance appraisals are indispensible for both employees and managers. However, they sometimes create tension among employees and make the environment hostile. What is the best way to go through the process of performance review?

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Employee Motivation and Employee Retention

Employee retention involves bringing about a lot of measures to convince employees to remain in the organization on a long term basis. Motivating and retaining employees is not an easy task. What is the best way to go about it?

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