Benefits of Reusable Learning Objects

Benefits of Reusable Learning Objects

Benefits of Reusable Learning Objects

This is the third post in the series of “RLOs – An Approach to Increase Learning Effectiveness and Optimizing Cost”. In case you missed them, here they are RLOs to avoid training duplication and increase learning effectiveness and Characteristics of Re-usable Learning Objects.

Adopting RLOs strategy can eventually bring you many benefits. This depends on the tools and processes you follow, for designing and delivering RLOs. RLOs mainly benefits authors, learners and organizations. Let’s look at each one of them in detail.

Benefits to authors

  • Allows searching for existing content

Metadata associated with RLOs, allows the authors to search for existing content. This reduces the effort of creating the content that already exists in some format. This also reduces the possibility of multiple authors creating the same content.

  • Supports multiple delivery formats

As RLOs allow delivering the content in multiple formats, authors can come up with multiple training formats, like a classroom handout, a web page, a personal digital assistant (PDA) and an online technical manual.

  • Facilitates easy re-construction

They give an ability to reconstruct trainings into new and novel configurations, with little or no retyping and putting in very little effort into it.

Benefits to learners

  • Learning bytes

In some situations, learners may not need the entire course; they may need some specific knowledge bytes, which are a part of long course. Here, RLOs help learners get access to small bytes of learning, depending on their training need.

  • Just-in-time information

RLOs also benefit learners to access the courses at their own pace, i.e. they can access them whenever they need, at any place and at any time.

  • Personalized courses

RLOs allow repurposing of content, to bring in tailor made courses, which can be offered to learners.

Benefits to organization

  • Avoid training duplication costs

As you know that the primary content for RLOs is developed only once. This greatly reduces the training duplication costs.

  • Increase in learning effectiveness

RLOs offer byte sized learning. tailored to learners for just in time specific training needs, contributing to increase learning effectiveness.

  • Long term savings on training development

RLOs may not show instant return on investments, but save lot of training development costs in the long run, by minimizing content duplication costs and standardizing learning design processes.

These are some benefits I could see. Please do share your thoughts, if you wish to add to the same.

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