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3 Top Reasons to Market eLearning Within an Organization

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3 Top Reasons to Market eLearning Within an Organization

Having eLearning programs and initiatives in the organization is commendable. However, it is not adequate. To give the initiative its logical ending, you need to market it within the organization. Given below are three good reasons why trainers or L&D heads should make an effort to market eLearning programs within their organizations.

eLearning courses are meant for your employees: However, they can’t register for these courses unless they hear about them and learn about the benefits that these courses offer. The decision to try a new product starts with awareness followed by a study of its benefits. The same thing is true with respect to an eLearning course, especially if your organization is new to eLearning. Employees need to be made aware of the benefits it offers them. Many organizations launch eLearning initiatives spending considerable amount of money but have no takers among their employees. More often than not, it is because organizations failed to increase awareness of these eLearning programs through promotions and marketing efforts. Organizations that consciously used communication, promotion and marketing campaign within the organization were more successful in implementing their eLearning programs by attracting and retaining learners.

You need to see visible results: The eLearning initiative is taken to cater to a particular need. There is an end objective, based on which the training program is designed. Having spent a lot of energy, effort and thought to develop the eLearning solutions, it would be futile to allow it to fizzle out before achieving the desired objective. A consistent message has to be sent out on an ongoing basis so that employees are aware of how eLearning courses can contribute to their professional development and growth in the company. This is the only way of getting them to adopt eLearning and thereby let the organization experience the results of deploying eLearning.

You have sunk training dollars into your eLearning courses: And need to demonstrate ROI to executive management and decision makers such as a CLO or CEO. Having invested in the initiative, they will be constantly monitoring the investment and its impact on productivity. And as with any other investment option, hard metrics need to be employed for this purpose. The cost of providing the benefits of the program divided by the program costs is the usual way to calculate the ROI. And if your employees don’t benefit from the eLearning because they are not even aware of the benefits, it’s a waste of training dollars. This is where marketing eLearning can make all the difference in helping drive better ROI.

To summarize, internal marketing is absolute key to make your eLearning program a success. It is essential to create the awareness regarding the eLearning program among the employees and to impress upon them its benefits. This will encourage them to enroll for the program and benefit from it. It will also ensure that the investment in the training program has the desired results in terms of improved employee productivity and better ROI.

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