Begin the day with Energy and Fun!

Begin the day with Energy and Fun!

At CommLab we all are eager to come to office because the first thing we do is play. All of us including the CEO assemble on the terrace of our office at 9.00 sharp and have a small fun activity for 20 minutes. All these activities are conducted by our employees. This activity unites us all and we are full of energy to start our day. By the end of the activity we all charged to start the day in a positive, energetic manner. It helps us clear the cobwebs of the earlier night and reach an empowered state.

Watch us in action!

Once we finish this game, we all sing a powerful incantation and affirmation in a song form – “We are the Champions”.

We Are the Champions” is a power ballad written by Freddie Mercury, recorded and performed by Queen for their 1977 album News of the World. One of their most famous and popular songs, it has since become an anthem for sporting victories and has been often used or referenced in popular culture.

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CommLab India – We Are the Champions!