Basic Features of Articulate Storyline to Get started

Basic Features of Articulate Storyline to Get started

Many rapid authoring tools emerged recently, but Articulate storyline outstood them. It is a boon for  e-learning developers and designers. Its inbuilt templates, characters, quizzes, triggers, variables and many other features have made life easy. It is a simple tool for beginners and a powerhouse of innovation in the hands of experts.

In this blog, we will understand the basic features on the welcome page of Storyline.

Storyline Welcome Screen

This is how the welcome page of storyline looks. I’ve numbered the features, and we will know about each of them.

1. New project:

This option allows you to create a new project. You can create your own templates in it.

2. Record screen:

This option allows you to capture your screen, so that you can create video tutorials or simulations (Watch, Try, and Do).

3. Import PowerPoint/ Quizmaker:

With this you can import your projects, which are already created using PowerPoint / Quizmaker.

4. From Project template:

If you have already created a template for your project, you can import it using this option.

5. Open a recent project:

Here, you can see the names of the recent files, on which you have worked. You can click on it to open the file directly, instead of browsing through your files again.

6. Browse:

This option gives you the facility to browse through your drives to open a file.

7. Free download and templates:

You can download free templates using this option. You will be directly led to the Articulate website’s download page, when you click on any template thumbnail.

Free download and templates

8.Learning Storyline:

You can watch free online tutorials by clicking on the thumbnails. You need to have access to the Internet if you want to watch tutorials or download free templates.

 These are the basic but essential features of Articulate Storyline one should know to get acquainted with the tool.

 Clickon New project to open a blank file.

We will see more about Articulate Storyline, in my next blog.  So, stay tuned.

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