Factors Leading to Bad Time Management

Factors Leading to Bad Time Management

Time management is critical for busy managers who invariably have to accomplish many tasks within a limited timeframe. There are many myths with respect to time management. One of the biggest myths that we have about time is that ‘it can be managed’. What we forget is that time is finite and it is the work that we need to manage as per the available time. There are many other factors which deter us from making proficient use of our time. Let’s look at some of them.

Always in a hurry: Managers rush from one project or task to another or are in a hurry to finish it; taking on more tasks simultaneously. In the end they are left with a feeling of dissatisfaction in the manner in which a particular task has been accomplished. What is important is to prioritize tasks and take them on one after the other unless the situation warrants multi-tasking.

Missing deadlines: Habitually being late for or consistently missing deadlines at the workplace is another indicator of poor time management.. This is largely due to lack of proper planning which results in a task not being completed within the stipulated deadline and resulting in poor performance at the workplace.

Lack of enthusiasm: If the manager is constantly stressed and works under duress, he may lack the enthusiasm to be productive or is too fatigued to make any positive impact in the organization. It is important for managers to de-stress themselves so that they can objectively plan their activities and make themselves more productive instead of allowing their work life to be out of balance.

Impatience or overlooking details: A manager who does not have any eye for detail might overlook aspects which may be very important for a task or project and might lead to wrong decision making. While in a hurry to meet the deadlines, one cannot ignore significant aspects as this might lead to unnecessary re-work and loss of time.

Constant wavering between alternatives: Another factor that contributes to poor time management is the inability to choose between alternatives. Typically, we tend to put off the decision making for a later date when we have to take decisions such as choosing between two options and as a result we may end up being behind schedule for a given job.

Strained relationships: Strained relationships do not help in any way in managing time better. Managers can handle projects or tasks successfully when they have complete cooperation of their team members. If not, it affects their delivery schedules and results in inefficient time management.

Therefore, for effective time management, one needs to ensure that the above factors are not prevalent in the organization. Do you think there are other factors that result in bad time management? Is so, please share your thoughts on the same.

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