Information Security – How aware are you?

Information Security - How aware are you?

Information Security - How aware are you?

In today’s globalized economy, security risk is affecting all organizations, large or small. According to a survey conducted by PwC on information security, the number of security breaches affecting the businesses is increasing continuously. The average cost to a large organizations for the security breach is between 450k to 850k Euros.

In this context, many organizations recognizing the importance of keeping their information secure and are taking many serious measures to check the problem. In that training their employees became necessary. Organizations need to train its employees to be aware of necessary measures they have to take, to protect the sensitive information.

For example consider these instances:

  • An employee working in an organization gets a phone call claiming that they are from the IT department and request sensitive information. He may give away the information.
  • The employee may leave his pen drive or cell phone, which contains the information that needs to be protected, on his desk or at canteen and may be stolen.

Though it is unintentional, your company may face serious threats. Training your employee on these specific measures he has to take, is a must. Also the training given should not be basic in nature. According to the survey conducted by Provity, a global consultancy firm, when the training approach has simple box ticking methods or other very basic choices, the employees may not understand the seriousness of the training.

Therefore, for training to be effective it needs to be tailored, with more focus on risks associated with their negligence in keeping the information secure. Add scenarios and tell them this is what they should do on facing certain situations. More importantly, it should relate to the roles of the employees. Organization should also see that they are given refresher training frequently.

One cost effective approach to deliver this sort of training is E-learning. The instructional designers being informed of the audience, customize the course accordingly and develop the course. With advent of many rapid authoring tools like Lectora and Captivate the courses can molded in more interactive way. Once the course is developed, it can be deployed multiple times at multiple locations. If your organization is working globally, then with very little investment you can translate your eLearning course into the required local languages.

To give you an idea on how an eLearning course on information security looks, we have designed an eLearning course for one of our reputed clients, touching important aspects of information security. The course explains how to identify, handle, and dispose data based on its sensitivity.

Given below are the screenhots of our eLearning course on information security awareness.

eLearning Course on Information Security

eLearning Course on Information Security

Effective training on the awareness of information security, could actually make you and your company more secured from the risks of information breaches. Do share your views.

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