The 3Cs to Safely Land your Aviation Industry Computer Based Trainings

The 3Cs to Safely Land your Aviation Industry Computer Based Trainings

The 3Cs to Safely Land your Aviation Industry Computer Based Trainings

Welcome to today’s blog post. Aviation industry is one of the first industries to adapt eLearning and define clear standards for the development of CBTs (AICC). Having worked on several projects for the industry, I have understood the significance of these standards. Developing an eLearning program for the aviation industry is different from any other industry and requires great attention to details. Today, we will look at the three parameters that will help ensure the safe landing of your aviation CBTs.

Colors: One should never underestimate the significance of colors when it comes to aviation training. For example, if you are developing a simulated model of the cockpit, you have to use the colors exactly as they look in an original one. Replacing the colors might confuse the pilot when it comes to real time application. It is important to remember that aviation courses are not the places to exhibit your artistic talent. Instead they demand realistic experiences.

Clarity: The aviation crew will be working at a very fast pace and have to make decisions very quickly. Your courses need to be as clear as possible without confusing the learner. In case of doubts, assumptions should not be made and the SMEs should be contacted for right information. For example, if you are developing a training course on altitude excursion, you need to present clearly the safety measures to be taken to return to normal flight level including the colors and names of each knob in the control panel. If any of this information is not available, assumptions should not be made as the manufacturers customize the aircrafts based on customer requirements.

Consistency: Being consistent with your content is very important in case of aviation industry CBTs. If you are developing several modules of a particular aviation model, you need to make sure that the elements covered in one module should not be different from another. This consistency avoids confusion in the learner making it easy to remember. Also, it is important to check whether the details in the content provided by the client are the latest or not.

Finally, these three elements will make the process for developing aviation industry CBTs easier. Hope you find this post interesting.

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