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How Avatars Can be Used in E-learning to Teach Complex Topics

Written By Divyaa Pratap

How Avatars Can be Used in E-learning to Teach Complex Topics

It is common knowledge that we get attracted to cartoons and characters, they are fun and interesting. Avatars are attractive characters that can transform a boring subject into an interesting one. In the field of eLearning, if you have a content that is complex and difficult to grasp, always use an avatar that will act as a guide and entertain the learner throughout the course. See that the character makes learning effective and fun and the course has a conversational tone.

Decide an Avatar Based on the Topic

You might ask why should the character be specific and apt to the content and why not a normal character? It is very important that we choose the right character that suits the content; otherwise, it may look ordinary and seem uninteresting. When you choose the right avatar based on the topic and have a conversational tone, you add life to the subject and the course.

For instance, let’s take a course on “Records Management”. Here, the whole content talks about the importance of records management and how to manage them. For most employees, records management is a boring task. Now the real task begins here. You should teach this dry subject and for that you need to make it interesting. Let’s see how, a character “Records” that represents itself and tells the learner its importance and how to manage it.

Let’s see a screen shot on how to represent an avatar.

Decide an Avatar Based on the Topic

Now let’s take another example of complex content – supply chain management. Supply chain is another complex and dry subject that can be made interesting, using a character suitable to its content, which will add life to the course as well engage the learner throughout the course. You should think innovatively, while choosing a character for the course. We have used an “Ant” as an avatar in a course on supply chain management to guide the learner. The ant is a resident of an ant colony and is an expert in managing a supply chain. It is ideal to explain the subject.

Below is a screen shot on of the Ant that takes the learner through the course.

Decide an Avatar Based on the Topic

We can use avatars in number of ways. But, when it comes to a subject that is complex and dry, always try to use a character that is related to the subject. This will make the course self-explanatory, add fun, act as a guide, entertain the learner and make learning interesting and effective. If you want to share or add more unique characters, please do so.

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