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Use of Avatars in eLearning to Teach Complex Content

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Use of Avatars in eLearning to Teach Complex Content

It is a known fact that most of us like someone to take us through. This is because it makes things easier for us. This is applicable to both children and adults. In an e-learning course, it is an added advantage if we have an avatar to make our learning effective. It is common knowledge that online courses are very interactive and effective.

Avatars are characters that can transform a boring subject into an interesting one and guide learners through a course. As an Instructional Designer (ID), if you think the content is complex and difficult to understand, always use an avatar that will act as a guide and entertain the learner throughout the course.

I would like to share the details of a few interesting avatars, which we have used in our eLearning courses.

  1. One of our clients wanted to train their accountants and controllers, involved in accounting for income taxes. The client provided us a PDF document, which was the only input to develop the course. We have developed an eLearning course, “Introduction to Accounting for Income Taxes ASC 740”, for all the employees who work in the tax department. This course explains various concepts of income tax such as fundamentals of ASC 740 income tax accounting. This is a tough topic to understand. So, we have introduced an avatar “Deferred Tax Dan” who is an income tax accountant and is the best person to teach.
    Use of Avatars in eLearning to Teach Complex Content
  2. One of our clients who is into the healthcare industry wanted to train its employees on their “performance goals”. This course provides an overview of the performance breakup, based on various goals for their business managers. It also explains the calculation of league scores and tie-breaking rules. The content is full of tables and calculations which are very difficult to understand. Therefore, we have used an avatar called “Pete, the Performance Expert” who will guide the learner throughout the course.
    Use of Avatars in eLearning to Teach Complex Content
  3. One of our clients gave us inputs on supply chain management. Supply chain is another complex and dry subject that can be made interesting by using a character suitable to its content. We have developed an eLearning course on “Supply Chain Management (SCM)”. We analyzed the content and came up with a strategy to use an ant “Alex, the supply chain ant” as an avatar, an expert in all aspects of Supply Chain Management. It’s a fact that supply chain managers are seeking to create what the ants do naturally. They perform and enhance all the required steps in materials, planning, manufacturing, delivery and quality management to produce the right quantity of the right product and deliver it to the end user at the right time.
    Use of Avatars in eLearning to Teach Complex Content
  4. For one of our clients, we have developed a course called “10- step Hiring Process”. We analyzed the content and decided to use an avatar as a hiring manager. This course explains the 10 step process, which should be followed by hiring managers in their organizations.
    Use of Avatars in eLearning to Teach Complex Content

We have used these avatars in our eLearning courses to motivate our learners. The avatars went a long way in creating excellent learner experiences.

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