Driving Automotive Technician Training with E-learning

Driving Automotive Technician Training with E-learning

Driving Automotive Technician Training with E-learning

Technician training can be delivered to your employees by classroom training or on-the-job training or eLearning. Among them eLearning is a powerful training delivery platform that is a quick, economical and easy way to train your technicians. But there are some major drawbacks such as the employees are not tech savvy, they do not have access to devices such as personal computers or laptops, and it’s often criticized that self-paced learning environment faces huge dropout rates.

To overcome these drawbacks and make the online training engaging, you need to follow certain strategies while designing your eLearning technician training course and some of them are as follows:

1. Use videos

Because the learners are not tech savvy, self-running videos are an effective means to train your workforce. These videos do not require learners to learn or understand about navigation or have an experience on gadget usage. Moreover videos are highly beneficial for learning because they are:

  • Short, interesting, and are a highly engaging way to deliver the learning material.
  • Rich and powerful medium, which gains constant learner attention.
  • Effective in explaining very complex concepts in a short time.
  • Convenient for using on multiple platforms such as mobile, iPads, etc.
  • Flexible, because they provide anywhere, anytime access.

2. Combine theory and real-life working conditions
Major adult learning theories suggest that when the training content is presented with reference to real-life job roles, learners find it relevant to them. When relevancy is established, the learners will never get bored with the course. You can achieve this by following simple instructional design techniques such as:

Scenarios: When the course content is to help learners “Perform” rather than “Inform”, scenarios are the best interactivities that can be used. You can create scenarios using the content to be explained and learners’ job role. These would stimulate their minds because of their relevance to their jobs.

Automotive Technician Training eLearning

Present ‘Before and Now’ Situations: In case a new process or technology is introduced, you need to first explain the existing process and justify why the process has been changed. Later, you can stimulate the thinking of the learners by providing interactivities that test their comprehension. For example, if an organization is adopting a new process and would like to make sure that all its employees understand it well and apply the same in their jobs, you can design interactivities that present the ‘before and now’ situations and highlight the dos and don’ts of the new process.

3. Add visual appeal

Another interesting way to present content to engage learners is by incorporating visually appealing images into the course.

There are many ways to add the visual component to your course. Some of them are discussed below:

Graphics: Use of graphics can be a very effective way of increasing visual interest. For example, a simple two-dimensional chart can be very effective. Others include ideograms, graphics and symbols that can be used to represent the content of your course.

Technician Training eLearning

Animations: Another effective way of presenting content with visual appeal is by using animations in the course. Animations can be best used for explaining processes. By using animations complex information can be conveyed in a simple way.

Images: Photographs can support and add visual interest to your course. Real-life images, for example, images of convenient job locations, senior colleagues, etc., can be used as an aid to support the representation of content. It makes the learning effective and helps in retaining information for a longer duration.

Technician Training eLearning

4. Go mobile

With rapid penetration of mobiles or smartphones among the common people, organizations are supporting the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement. This ensures that employees can use their personal devices at workplaces and can have access to training. Therefore, employees can learn in snippets, short videos or just-in-time as per their requirement.

These are some strategies that are listed to make your eLearning technician training engaging. If you have more thoughts to add to these, please do share them!

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