Australia Day And the Advent of E-learning: What Do They Have in Common?

Australia Day And the Advent of E-learning: What Do They Have in Common?

Australia Day And the Advent of E-learning: What Do They Have in Common?

26 January – the day that transformed Australia forever. On this day in 1788, the first fleet of British ships arrived in New South Wales and raised the Union Jack. The event heralded the beginning of a new era in the history of the island nation with far-reaching consequences, felt even to this day.

As an e-learning professional, I believe that the advent of the online training medium is as significant as the arrival of the Royal Navy vessels in Port Jackson. Let me tell you why.

The two events were game changers in their own right

Before the arrival of the ships dispatched by the British Admiralty, Australia was an unknown, isolated nation. But within a few decades of the historic event, the country was one of the most important parts of the Empire. The financial landscape of the country underwent a sea change, and today, Australia is one of the world’s largest economies.

Similarly, e-learning ushered in a new age in the world of corporate training. What began as an ‘experimental phenomenon’ has come to occupy the center stage of the L&D realm. It is estimated that the market for online training solutions would reach 51.5 billion dollars by 2016, and this figure is only likely to grow in subsequent years.

The changes unleashed by the two developments were hastened by several factors

The European settlements in Australia grew because of a number of reasons, such as the abundant availability of fertile land and natural resources. These factors accelerated the growth of immigration to the country, which gave a fillip to its economic development. The country emerged as the largest producer of uranium and a key exporter of coal and agro-based products.

Likewise, various developments have influenced the growth of the online training medium in a big way. The most significant of these is the proliferation of “mobile Internet” users. According to a survey conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the number of people accessing the Internet through mobile devices was around 2 billion, while the total number of Internet users was 3.2 billion. The massive increase in the use of Smartphones and tablets to access the Internet has compelled companies to chant the online training mantra.


Modern Australia, which began as a far-flung outpost of the British empire, is one of the most important economies in the Asia-Pacific region. The origins of e-learning too were humble, but today, the online medium is one of the most vital elements of corporate training strategies. The changes brought about by the arrival of the Europeans were hastened by various factors. The online training medium also owes its growth to a number of developments. Hope you liked this post. Wishing you a very happy Australia Day.

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