QA Checklist for Assessments in Simulation-based Courses

QA Checklist for Assessments in Simulation-based Courses

QA Checklist for Assessments in Simulation-based Courses

Simulations would be incomplete if the learner is not tested on the knowledge he/she has acquired. The DO scenario provides such an opportunity. Here, I would like to share a checklist to assess the simulation quality of the course developed for the DO scenario.

DO Scenario:

  • 1) The Intro page should inform learners that as they practice performing the actions, they will also have an opportunity test their knowledge.
  • 2) Instructions are not to be given in advance, but learners can be provided with hints or feedback when they perform wrong steps, until the right action is performed.
  • 3) Learners can click “Restart” to begin the activity again.
  • 4) The course should allow learners to return to the previous Watch and Try activities to consolidate their knowledge and go back to the DO challenge.
  • 5) The ‘Hit’ area of each button should be correctly given.
  • 6) The hint step should be given exactly where the learner has to perform the action.

  • 7) Each page should have an intro step given to intimate the learner on what happens when an action is performed.

  • 8) Once the task is completed, an alert window should get displayed with a message “You have successfully completed the task. Click Next to continue”.

It is important to ensure that the learner knows what to do in case he is stuck. Instructions should be clear so that he is not frustrated. If you have any further suggestions please do share them with us.

In our earlier blogs, we talked about checklists in the WATCH and TRY scenarios – you might want to take a look at them as well.

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