7 Aspects to Consider Before Choosing E-learning – Part 1

7 Aspects to Consider Before Choosing E-learning - Part 1

7 Aspects to Consider Before Choosing E-learning - Part 1

It is an accepted truth that employees are the valued resources of any organization. Organizational success depends entirely on the performance of the employees. In order to face their competitors, organizations have to ensure efficient employees who are capable of updating themselves in the continuously changing business environment. Now, companies spend lots of money to train and educate their employees. The importance of training and developing the employees’ skills is rapidly growing.

As organizations are spread across different parts of the world, it becomes difficult to train their employees with the outdated and conventional methods of learning. Therefore, eLearning is increasingly considered as the ideal medium to train the employees of these global organizations. The online medium enables anytime, anywhere learning and allows companies to provide the latest updates to their employees.

According to a report by IBM, for every $1 that a company spends on eLearning tools and strategies, it can receive $30 worth of productivity.

Understand the benefits of eLearning 

E-learning provides many benefits to the organization. It will reduce overall training budgets and saves 50% of the training time. Also, there is no need of printing training manuals, and the online medium helps enhance course completion rates. Apart from the cost benefits, eLearning enhances employee retention. The rapid authoring tools allow updates which enable the employees to keep themselves up-to-date with their training. Organizations should devise a comprehensive approach to train their employees, which includes eLearning. Last but not the least, it is to be noted that eLearning is not appropriate for all training needs. You should check which of your training programs can go online. For example, the ‘e-course’ on ‘Violence, Conflict and Fragility’ costs 10 times less and reached 13 times more participants than a regular face-to-face course (World Bank, 2013). 

Check for appropriate technology to deliver effective eLearning 

E-learning implementation needs a good technological platform like the latest browser versions, software accessibility, minimum hardware, etc. In order to avoid interruptions and distractions while taking up the online course, the employees should be provided with the right technology. Also, online learning is vulnerable to technological failures. In order to overcome the technological failures, good bandwidth and the latest browser versions must be installed.

Search for appropriate leadership that supports eLearning 

It is a well-known fact that the primary force behind all fruitful initiatives is leadership. A higher authority in the organization should take the initiative to educate employees on the importance and benefits of eLearning. A leader should be able to monitor and track the performance of the employees undergoing the eLearning course. Simultaneously, leaders in the organisation should be able to help the employees undergoing eLearning courses, by clarifying their doubts.

Check whether eLearning is a part of your training strategy 

The main thing before opting for eLearning for your organization is to check whether eLearning is an existing training strategy of your organization. When you opt for eLearning, you should provide your learners with other opportunities in order to incorporate other aspects such as socialization, enculturation, etc., apart from training. This makes the acceptance of online learning as a feasible, reliable learning environment easy.

These are a few things that need to be considered before opting for eLearning. In my next blog, I will list 3 other aspects to be borne in mind. Please do share your thoughts and stay tuned for the second post.

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