Annual Safety Training Programs Recommended by OSHA

Annual Safety Training Programs Recommended by OSHA

Annual Safety Training Programs Recommended by OSHA

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, employees who work in risky conditions, or dangerous conditions, require to undergo mandatory safety training. Some standards also have requirements for annual training. The training must be at no cost to employees and during regular working hours.

Let’s go through some of the types of safety training, which the employees should be given annually.

Hearing Protection

This training is a must for those employees, who work in environments where the noise levels exceed 85 decibels, in eight hours. They are provided training for the use and care of all hearing protectors. This should be given every year. OSHA identifies this as requirement 1910.95, which is the hearing protection training program, according to the general industry standards. This also trains them on the effects of noise. You need to include the advances in hearing protection, as a part of the training.

First-aid training

This training is needed for those employees who work in dangerous and risky conditions. They need to be trained on cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This is nothing but the procedure consisting of cardiac massage and artificial respiration. One thing to be kept in mind, is that the employees should be trained in an understandable manner. See to itth at this should be presented in a simple manner that is easily understood. The training materials should be at the employee’s literacy levels.

Fire protection

This is to train firefighters, who work under fire conditions, inside buildings. This training should also be given annually. OSHA identifies this as the requirement 1910.156, which is the fire protection training according to the general industry standards. Apart from this, the employees need to be trained on the use of portable fire extinguisher. This is the identified as requirement 1910.157, according to the general industry standard.

Hazardous waste

This is to train the employees who are exposed to hazardous waste. They should take part in safety training and then undergo a refresher training annually. They are trained on the incidents that occurred the previous year. They are given with a solution of how to handle these incidents, if they ever come across the same situations.

Respiratory protection

This training is meant to train employees for the proper usage of the respirator. Respirator is kind of protective mask, which protects the face. This training helps the employees to know the usage of respirator, in an emergency. Sometimes, there are inadequacies in the employee’s knowledge of the usage of respirator. You need to retrain them andOSHA stipulates annual training.

These are some of the training programs, which the employee need to undergo annually, as recommended by OSHA.

Let’s look at some of the things to make safety training even more interesting.

Scenarios: Can help the employees identify the threats to safety and encourage them to think of the best possible practices.

Short videos: Can use them as reminders to follow the safety procedures. The procedures can be well explained in the form of animations, which creates interest among the emplyoees.

Authoring tools: Using Adobe Flash, you can create high level animations for the safety procedures training for the employees.

Finally we can see that for recurrent training needs, elearning can be considered as a convenient training delivery platform.

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