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CommLab India’s Annual Loyalty Celebrations

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CommLab India's Annual Loyalty Celebrations

CommLab India has celebrated its annual loyalty celebrations on March 26th, 2016. CommLab India is proud of its loyal employees, vendors and believes in thanking them for their loyalty by hosting a huge event every year where every employee is awarded, motivated and applauded in the presence of their families and friends. Family members are appreciated for their support that enables employees to give their best.

CommLab India has employees who have been a part of the family for more than 5 years. CommLab India shares its profit and success with its employees and their families in the form of loyalty bonuses on this day.

Check out the Infographic CommLab India’s Annual Loyalty Celebrations for more information on how the organization, employees and families come together to celebrate the success.

CommLab India’s Annual Loyalty Celebrations

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