Tools That Animate an Inanimate E-learning

Tools That Animate an Inanimate E-learning

Tools That Animate an Inanimate E-learning

Having animated videos of any kind can add style and beauty to your eLearning courses. But how do you add them to your courses? Do your rapid authoring tools with its inbuilt templates and default features allow you to include animated videos into eLearning? Don’t worry; we have some tools that will help you create animated videos yourself! Videos produced from these tools can be imported into rapid authoring tools like Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate.

Let’s see more about these tools and how they do wonders for eLearning course.

Video scribe for whiteboard animations

Video Scribe is a software to create videos that replicate top-motion capture style of drawing called white board animations. In eLearning, you can use Whiteboard Animations videos as small inserts to explain a complex idea or a concept, to show product demo or instructional ideas. You can use them when you want to have a point be emphasized in the form of cartoon like drawings. They are a boon to an eLearning course as the drawings can grab the attention of the learners and the constant movement in the whiteboard can keep the learners hooked to the video. The scribes can also be accessed on an iPad

Here is a sample video which will give you an idea, how a whiteboard animation looks like.

Prezi for zooming in and out effect

Prezi is a great tool for someone who wants to show a presentation in a cool and an innovative way. You can present your ideas in the form of storytelling on a virtual canvas. You can create animation effects where the learner has to zoom out to see the big picture, and zoom in to see the details. It’s a three-dimensional canvas that allows you delve deeper into each part of the diagram. In eLearning, you can use Prezi to present facts in a digestible way; you can explain the content in the form of a story and also to make a comparison between two subjects. You can also add background music and voice narration to the presentation. You can access the Prezi presentations on an iPad by downloading the Prezi app from App store.

Here is a demo from Prezi which talks about eLearning tools; seeing this demo you will be amazed at the wonders it can do for eLearning.

Using these tools, you can have just 10- to 20-second illustrations, which will be accepted very well with your corporate audiences, who love them as they are so different from what they are used to in the corporate world, and leave a memorable message. So these can successfully be employed in eLearning courses, especially if you are developing courses with rapid authoring tools.

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