What the American and E-learning Revolutions Have in Common

What the American and E-learning Revolutions Have in Common

What the American and E-learning Revolutions Have in Common

The fourth of July – a day when the heart of every American fills with joy. It is the day on which the people of thirteen colonies broke their shackles of tyranny and oppression. It was the day a new nation was born on the edifice of freedom and democracy.

As an e-learning professional, I believe that the American revolution that took place more than two centuries ago has four things in common with the online training revolution.

1. Fillip to democracy

It is well-said that democracy and equality are two sides of the same coin. The revolutionaries who fought for American independence longed to establish a society that granted equal rights to all people. As Abraham Lincoln famously remarked, the American nation was born in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are born equal.

E-learning too is rooted in the principle of equality. The online medium has democratized the learning process. Self-paced technology-enabled learning modules help impart training of the same quality to learners across the world, irrespective of their educational background, seniority, and nature of work.

2. Opportunities to the deprived

The origins of the American revolution lay in the denial of rights to the people of the thirteen colonies. The freedom fighters of this nation wanted to empower their people, who were deprived of their rights.

The online training medium too attempts to help the deprived – people who have no access to learning due to various reasons such as constraints of time, place, and money. They go a long way in imparting knowledge and skills to disadvantaged sections of the society, upholding the ideals of American independence.

3. Happiness and prosperity to all

The revolutionaries who fought the American War of Independence sincerely wished for the happiness and well-being of their fellow countrymen. They wanted to build a nation where every citizen could lead a prosperous life.

E-learning helps uphold this ideal by providing happy experiences to learners. Thanks to groundbreaking developments such as gamification, learners can augment their knowledge and skills in a stress-free environment.

4. Freedom to choose our own paths

The rulers of the thirteen colonies tried to control the lives of people and the American freedom fighters resented it. That wanted to ensure every man had the opportunity to choose his own destiny.

The online learning format is based on this noble ideal. E-learning courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device, enabling learners chart their own learning paths. Each learner is the master of his own learning.

E-learning helps uphold the values of the American War of Independence by democratizing training and providing learning opportunities to all. It helps deliver happy learning experiences and enables people come up with their own learning paths. Indeed, American revolutionaries would be proud of the online learning format. Wishing you all a very happy Independence Day.

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