3 Things About E-learning Your Boss Wants to Know

3 Things About E-learning Your Boss Wants to Know

When it comes to convincing your boss about anything, most people get the shivers down their spine! And when you’re trying to convince him about adopting eLearning, then you need to bring on your best game plan to persuade him. This may be hard, but is very possible. All you need to do is speak his language and you will have him onboard in no time.

Every boss today has only three letters on his mind “ROI”. You have to talk in terms of return on investment. However, before you meet him, do some homework, and you will come across these three USP’s of eLearning! 

1. Tell your boss eLearning saves money

Each time you hire new recruits, you need to train them before getting started and certain trainings need to be repeated on a regular basis for compliance technological reasons. Hiring an instructor each time can be quite taxing to the training budget. By making use of eLearning, you save tons of money on tutor fees, travel allowances, classroom training materials and much more.

The unique aspect of eLearning is it that you can create a course and reuse it as many as times you like. E-learning is also eco-friendly. According to a study by Britain’s Open University, eLearning courses consume 90% less energy on an average and produce 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than classroom training.

Tell Your Boss E-learning Saves Money

 2. Tell your boss eLearning is flexible and quick

Apart from an initial payment to your vendor, eLearning is a quick walk in the park! With rapid eLearning tools, eLearning today has become a quick and flexible way of creating interactive eLearning courses. For fast paced development to execution, eLearning is the answer to your training woes.

As mentioned earlier, you might need to repeat a few training sessions on a regular basis, as change to the law or a new feature added to your product require renewed training. This is where eLearning comes to your rescue. You can update existing courses such as sales training courses, in which features and benefits of a product need to be constantly updated. You also need to update compliance courses when laws and regulations are changed. You can update these courses in a matter of minutes with rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Lectora Inspire and Adobe Captivate with little or no effort.

These tools help in quick eLearning course development to you meet your deadlines without any kind of stress. Tools such as Articulate Storyline won Best E-Learning Development Tool and Best Mobile Authoring Solution and earned an Award of Excellence for Best Simulation Tool (Best of ELearning! Awards 2012).

Tell Your Boss E-learning is Flexible and Quick

3. Tell your boss eLearning enhances performance

This is the reason why trainings actually take place – to sustain and improve performance. Adults don’t like to be bossed around to complete training sessions that clash with their work deadlines. With eLearning, you can give your employees a sense of ownership and freedom to take care of their training needs.

This helps in increasing productivity tenfold when your employees take care of their training by themselves. All you need to do is upload your course on the LMS and leave the rest to your employees.

Through eLearning, you can do things that are impossible to dream of in the classroom such as using software simulations to explain complex processes. Another plus point in eLearning is there is no passive participation, and everyone is a part of it.

According to E-learning magazine (2012), 50% of training hours are being deployed through eLearning, blended, online or virtual medium.

Tell Your Boss E-learning Enhances Performance

With these three main USP’s in your arsenal, go ahead and convince your boss on adopting eLearning.

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