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E-learning Development – The 3 Phase Agile Process [Infographic]

For years, companies have been using the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) model to develop e-learning courses. However, this model has some significant limitations. They are:

  • The model is linear in nature, which makes it inflexible
  • ADDIE is based on the premise that the requirements of the client-learner are completely known before developing the course, which is not always true.
  • All stages of the ADDIE model are related to one another. Any change made at one stage of the online course development can affect other phases, leading to re-work.
  • Most importantly, it is a time-consuming.

These limitations of the ADDIE model are addressed very effectively by the agile process of e-learning development. Let us now see the 3 stages of this process.

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E-learning Development - The 3 Phase Agile Process [Infographic]

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