Increasing Adoption of E-learning for Training in the United States

Increasing Adoption of E-learning for Training in the United States

Increasing Adoption of E-learning for Training in the United States

Harold Jarche in one of his famous blogs said that the future of any country does not depend on the gold reserves it has or other natural resources it has or on the money it has. It depends on the people and their intellectual capabilities. Similarly, the future of any organization depends on its employees and their skills. Training plays a key role in honing the skills of the employees. Accordingly organizations or countries that spend wisely in training and development activities will definitely reap huge benefits in future. Do you want to know how American government and organizations are facilitating training?

Research and Markets a major research firm has released a report on United States Corporate Training Marketing 2015-2019. According to this report, corporate training market in the United States will grow at a CAGR of 7.81% in terms of revenue over a period of 2014-19. The reports also state that the corporate training market in the United States is growing at a rapid pace due to the government policies that are facilitating training and development activities. The American government is encouraging such activities to reduce the skill gap and layoffs and improve the employability of the citizens in various industry sectors.

What the report covers?

The report covers various aspects of American training market such as driving factors, market challenges and trends, synchronous training market, asynchronous training market, market size and forecast, and so on. The report also mentions about the rise in adoption of technology in training delivery. Many organizations are in favor of using technology for training because it eliminates the cost of hiring instructors, developing logistics and other associated costs involved in classroom training. The report also focuses on the challenges faced in this market and the key trends.

Further, the report states that one of the factors curtailing the growth of the market is uncoordinated and unplanned learning structure.

You can access the report by clicking the following link:

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