Achievements of the Year 2008

Achievements of the Year 2008



  • Introduced Online Bug Tracking System
  • ASP Server and VPS Server acquired and setup
  • Cross-Domain LMS compatibility developed
  • Payment Merchandizing Gateway (Paypal) developed

Custom Courseware

Custom Courseware development:

  • Produced a course in 24 languages in 25 days for METTLER TOLEDO
  • Launched CommLab University with 4 Sales Courses and 9 Business Writing courses



  • Chief Operating Officer, Ayesha Habeeb Omer participated in Advanced Leadership Course in Anthony Robbins’ “Leadership Academy”, USA
  • Formal Training and HRD department started headed by a full time manager.
  • Online training for CommLab employees launched with “New Employee Experience”, “Lectora Online Training” and “CommLab Production Process” courses



  • Expanded the office layout to accommodate 20 more workstations
  • Participated in IT Recruitment Fare at Nizam’s College, Hyderabad
  • CommLab’s Online HR Portal launched
  • “CommLab” registered under Trademark and Copyrights, Government of India. Dun & Bradstreet rated CommLab again this year with a “2B” rating. CommLab premises are now a ‘custom-bonded” warehouse.



  • CommLab’s first press release in Indian media and the Internet.
  • CommLab is now registered as potential vendor/ supplier for over 200 Fortune 500 companies
  • CommLab represented in ASTD Expo and Conference, San Diego by senior managers’ courseware and technology.
  • CommLab blog launched
  • CommLab registered in Yahoo directory
  • Entered Product training segment and Authoring Tools based projects
  • YouTubes videos of CommLab launched

New Customers:

  • Unilever, UK, Sun Corp, Australia, Boost Elearning, USA, VMWare, Canada, IntelliTrain, Australia, IPSTeam, USA, American Axel, USA, Ceridian, Canada and METTLER TOLEDO-UK


Human Performance Enhancements

  • Morning Motivational Activities for state change started
  • CommLab Anthem, “We are the Champion” started
  • Custom-designed Posters on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) put up in the Office and Dining area.
  • Celebrations of weekly effort introduced on weekends
  • Half Yearly Meeting converted into Half Yearly Celebrations comprising purely fun instead of formal presentations and appraisals, in an outward-bound training facility in the outskirts of Hyderabad.
  • A more personal way of celebrating birthdays devised and launched.
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