5 Mistakes That Can Decimate Your E-learning

5 Mistakes That Can Decimate Your E-learning

5 Mistakes That Can Decimate Your E-learning

Are you a training manager planning to use elearning to impart effective training to your people? How can you reap rich dividends from this format of training? You need to plan meticulously to realize the full benefits of online courses. This helps you to avoid 5 costly mistakes that can defeat the very purpose of your move to eLearning. They are:

Mistake 1: Having no idea of what eLearning can do for you

You need to clearly understand how eLearning can be used to effectively impart training to your employees. This goes a long way in the success of your eLearning course. For instance, if you wish to use eLearning to train your technicians on new oil rig equipment, you may blend online courses with instructor led training (ILT) sessions to achieve the best results. Classroom sessions and workshops could be used to effectively train the underlying concepts and handling of the equipment. Then eLearning modules containing simulations, could be used by the trainees, to practice the steps in handling the machinery and bite-sized sessions could act as ready references to the concepts learnt.

Mistake 2: Poor conversion of existing training material to eLearning

You have learning material in the form of on-the-job (OJT) manuals and loads of classroom training stuff such as PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, MS-Word documents and so on. But it takes more to convert this content into eLearning. You need to apply the principles of instructional design to this content and identify the right tool that can efficiently convert your existing material into an effective eLearning course. So, how can you choose and use the right tool from the marketplace that is replete with hundreds of authoring tools? After all, eLearning development is not your business. This is where outsourcing to a reputed eLearning provider can make the difference! The eLearning solutions provider has the expertise and experience to convert your learning material into a highly effective and interactive course.

Mistake 3: Abuse of media

A well-designed course leverages the media to attain the goals of instruction. Various forms of media such as animations, videos, audio when used judiciously enhance the aesthetic value of your course and go a long way in making your eLearning effective. Therefore, you need to take care to prevent both the “overuse” and “underuse” of multimedia to make your course effective. For instance, narrating every word of the onscreen text creates humdrum. In sharp contrast, if you do not use narration when it is needed, then too the quality of instruction will suffer. You need to use media and use it right.

Mistake 4: Using off-the-shelf courses that do not meet your needs

Often, companies prefer off-the-shelf courses because they are readily available and are relatively inexpensive. However, you need to thoroughly evaluate the usefulness of such courses before you purchase them. It is important that you use an eLearning course that effectively meets your needs. Buying an off-the-shelf course in haste can lay your organization’s eLearning to waste! For more information, check out, “Can off-the-shelf-courses cater to your training requirement?

Mistake 5: Poor management of transition to eLearning

Proper change management is essential to the success of eLearning in your organization. After all, you need to make sure that the people in your organization accept the change from ILT to eLearning. It is necessary to effectively market the benefits of eLearning to your staff. You need to remember that even the best eLearning course would fail if your workforce is averse to it.

Avoiding these 5 mistakes goes a long way in ensuring the success of eLearning in your organization. Indeed, you can reap rich benefits from the success of eLearning in your company. What do you think?

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