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3 Halloween Tricks that Deliver Scary Online Learning Experiences

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3 Halloween Tricks that Deliver Scary Online Learning Experiences

Halloween – a day we remember and honor the saints, martyrs, and the deceased faithful. A day known for activities such as transforming pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, visiting haunted places, exchanging frightening tales, and watching horror movies. It is the time people play pranks to frighten those around them.

This Halloween, as an e-learning professional, you should be aware of 3 snares that are bound to scare learners away from your online course.

1. Assign online courses to all learners

Ask all your staff members to complete the e-learning course, irrespective of whether they need to take it or not. Some learners feel miserable, as they find the technology-enabled learning content irrelevant, while others would curse you for assigning a course covering topics they are well-versed in.

Assign online courses to all learners

In either case, you achieve the intended objective — delivering a harrowing learning experience. You can multiply the “misery effect” by writing unclear learning objectives. A great way indeed to celebrate Halloween, isn’t it?

2. Deliver lengthy e-learning courses

It’s a good idea to assign lengthy courses spanning 120 minutes to frighten your staff members this Halloween. Today’s learners have very short attention spans (a survey by Microsoft revealed most Gen-Y learners can concentrate well only for 8 seconds, while goldfish can remain focused for 9.) Your people would be overwhelmed by these long courses, and needless to say, this would result in a “painful” learning experience. You can compound their problems by inundating the course with text and using few images.

Deliver lengthy e-learning courses

3. Ensure your courses are page turners

E-learning is an instructor-independent, self-paced learning format. Unlike a classroom training session, where a trainer engages the learner, online courses rely heavily on interactivities to ensure learners remain focused. You can trouble your people this Halloween, by delivering an e-learning course devoid of interactivities. Your learners will become tired of reading through the pages and are bound to have a harrowing learning experience. You can make the learning experience more appalling by restricting the navigation of the courses.

Ensure your courses are page turners


You can scare your people away from e-learning this Halloween, by assigning them online courses, irrespective of whether they need them or not. Make sure your e-learning courses are lengthy and contain no interactivities to deliver harrowing learning experiences. What are your plans for Halloween? Do share with us.

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