Susmitha Reddy

Susmitha Reddy is an Expert Visual Designer at CommLab India. She specializes in designing storyboards and is an elearning tools expert also creates eye-catching infographics.

When will Blended Learning be Right for you? [Infographic]

Training, always referred to employees being congregated in classrooms or conference rooms where an instructor or a subject matter expert (SME) shared knowledge. It was a one-way process, with knowledge transmitted from the instructor to the learner. The instructor played a key role in the process and the successful outcome of any training solely resided on the capabilities of the instructor. Possibly because, there was very little scope for interaction. This was also true with any other form of knowledge transfer that existed – books, newspapers, radio, and television.

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Time Management Strategies for Salespeople

In this fiercely competitive world of business, where customers’ demands increase rapidly, companies are focusing on advertising and personal selling to stay ahead. This puts intense pressure on field sales people to meet their targets. Often, salespersons find themselves travelling for long hours, meeting different kinds of customers, but still unable to achieve their targets. This results in considerable stress.

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Essentials for Crafting E-learning Learning Objectives – An Infographic

Like a basement for a building, a learning objective is very important for an eLearning course. From an instructional designer’s point of view, it helps decide what content to include and what to exclude. It forms the basis for framing the assessment questions. From the learner’s point of view, it tells him what he is going achieve after completing the course. Its gives a clear idea about what the course teaches them.

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