Shyamala Devi Dollu

Shyamala Devi Dollu, Associate - Courseware Designer.

Questions to Ask Before Implementing M-learning in Your Organization- An Infographic

The number of people accessing the Internet through mobile devices is increasing with each passing day. According to CNN money, the world’s largest business website, 55% of Americans access the Internet using their mobile phones. Many organizations, due to the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and increasing preference of their workforces to access online materials through handheld devices, are planning to deliver their digital learning courses through these devices.

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Lectora Inspire: Shortcut Keys – An Infographic

Do you use Lectora Inspire to develop digital courses? Are you looking for ways to use this rapid authoring tool from Trivantis, effectively? Well, you can use this course authoring software with ease if you are aware of the shortcut keys to perform different actions. Here is a very useful list of keyboard shortcuts.

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