Saritha Esaboyuna

Saritha Esaboyuna is a Courseware Designer at CommLab India. She designs creative infographics for the organization. She has done her Master’s in Business Administration from Osmania University.

5 Video Formats for Effective Sales Training [Infographic]

Video-based learning is dramatically transforming the way salespeople are trained. Today, many companies are using videos to create highly effective training programs for their salespeople, rapidly, with minimum expenditure. It has become a reliable way to train sales teams working across the globe. Video-based learning is ideal to address the challenges sales reps face – tight timelines, low retention of training, and being constantly on the move.

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How LMS Works for Informal Learning [Infographic]

Informal learning is learning by observing, talking, and interacting with our colleagues as opposed to formal learning that is usually acquired from an instructor or trainer. Both types of learning are essential for us to perform well in our jobs. So, it is important for L&D departments to not just focus on formal learning to train their employees. But the question is, how do we capture informal learning? With the help of an LMS. An LMS can record all the learning that happens, provided you allow leniency to creep into your work process.

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6 Ways An LMS Can be Used to Deliver Blended Learning Effectively [Infographic]

Many companies are blending classroom and e-learning methods to deliver highly effective training. An effective blend of these training formats helps provide a high degree of flexibility to employees who can be supported through various types of instructional material. Blended learning helps companies enjoy the benefits of the online training medium, while retaining the human touch in their training programs.

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