Midhunkumar Nambari

Midhun Kumar is an Associate - Courseware Designer at CommLab India. He is a graduate in computer science.

E-learning Cost Vs. Benefits [Infographic]

E-learning is being increasingly adopted by organizations around the world for corporate training. It is gaining a strong foothold due to its numerous advantages such as the quick roll out of training, self-paced learning, reduced development costs, ease of updating content, high scalability, and more. What are the costs behind these benefits?

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Guided Learning in eLearning – An Overview [Infographic]

As children, we were guided wherever we were trained on anything. This was considered the best strategy to train us throughout our school life. Guiding is not commanding, but directing someone to achieve a particular task.

When we incorporate this approach in e-learning, it makes quite an effective learning experience. This approach will ensure a learner is guided throughout the course to reach the learning outcomes.

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Instructional Design Models Vs Instructional Design Strategies [Infographic]

The common question about instructional design strategies and instructional design models is – are they both the same?

Well, we often tend to mix instructional design strategies with instructional design models. Though the two might overlap, there is a fine distinction between a strategy and a model. We will understand the distinction between the two in the infographic below, so that we have a very clear idea of what each is.

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Lectora Inspire 16: An Expert’s View [Infographic]

Do you have classroom training materials inundated with text? Are you planning to convert these materials into engaging online courses, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, to meet the needs of your global learners? Do you want to cut short the e-learning course development time and be cost-effective? Then Lectora Inspire 16 is the Answer. But, with several authoring tools in the market, why Lectora Inspire 16?

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