Krishna Chinthakunta

Chinthakunta Krishna is a Specialist - Courseware Designer working with all the authoring tools. He also designs informative infographics for the organization. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree.

5 Benefits of Learning Analytics [Infographic]

Learning Analytics is quickly becoming a part of the training strategy in organizations around the world. Just as organizations measure productivity, quality, and profitability, there is a need to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of online training programs. The good news is that, this is both possible and simple through the application of learning analytics via a Learning Management System. Read More

A Checklist to Ensure the Successful Implementation of Gamification [Infographic]

Organizations in today’s corporate space are challenged to increase engagement with employees and improve performance; gamification is emerging as a suitable solution for this. However, using gamification merely as a gimmick will take your training nowhere. The road to a successful, gamified e-learning starts with determining whether it’s the right choice for you. If it’s up your alley, follow this simple checklist shared in the infographic.

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